Sax and the Single Girls Childrens Show, focuses on dance and the different styles of music over the decades, from the Music Hall days of the 1890's (everyone remembers The Can Can) to the present day. It features the most famous songs of the decades like In The Mood, popular through the 1940's, Rock Around The Clock, a huge hit in the 1950's to ABBA in the 1970's.
The show also demonstrates the different styles of music like Rock n Roll, Jazz, Country & classical, while featuring well known childrens dances like The Hokey Pokey, The Chicken Dance & The Hot Potatoe. It is a very interactive show, so be prepared for a full hour of fun physical activity as well as musical learning and inspiration.

The list below includes a selection of songs from the Sax and the Single Girl Repertoire. You can choose any songs that you would like featured in your schools show.

Rock n Roll

Rock Around the Clock, Blue Suede Shoes, Tuttie Fruity,

Let's Twist Again, All Shook Up.


In The Mood, When the Saints go Marching in,                   Colonel Bogie on Parade, Tavern in the Town.


Raw Hide, Duelling Banjos, Bootscooting Boogie, Running Bear.

Novelty Songs

Yakaty Sax, Zorber the Greek, Hava Nagila, Tequila, La Bamba, The Hokey Pokey.


The Can Can, the William Tell Overture.

Animal References

The Pink Panther, Baby Elephant Walk, Chicken Dance,

Rockin Robbin.

Sax and the Single Girl will provide a professional PA System, & flashing lights if required.

Rates are negotiable depending on the size and budget of the school.