Welcome to Anne Bavin's website, Sax And The Single Girl.


Anne Bavin began her solo musical career as Sax And The Single Girl in mid 1993.  She worked largely in country WA until 1997 when she began regular tours of the Northern Territory and North Queensland.


1997 also saw the release of Anne's first CD simply tilted "Sax And The Single Girl".  Since then she has recorded 8 CD's and continues to tour Australia wide.


Leaving Western Australia in late May each year, she works her way to North Queensland, where she spends 5-6 months performing at venues along the coast between MacKay and Cairns. The odd tour out West to Winton is also a regular event.

While on tour Anne performs at city markets, clubs from RSL clubs to dance clubs, pubs, festivals and private functions.


This year, (2014) Anne will be performing in NSW and Southern Queensland for the first time, expanding her regular tour to include new towns.


In her 500 plus song repertoire, and with a blend of tenor sax, alto sax & vocals, Anne performs a huge variety of musical styles catering to all age groups and situations.

Wherever the gigs take her, Sax And The Single Girl is happy to plan a tour around them. She now covers the whole country with the exception of Tasmania. That however is only a matter of time.


Dust off your dancing shoes, Anne Bavin is about to hit a town near you!